EMPI Forged 4140 Chromoly I-Beam Rods




EMPi’s I-Beam Rods use the O.E design, but are forged from 4140 chromoly to give you a high strength rod that’s easy on your budget. 3/8″ 8740  200,000 psi tensile load rod bolts add all the strength and reliability necessary for this rod design. Radiused caps aid in stroker clearancing. Three different sizes cover most of the popular engine applications. Combine with an EMPI counter weighted crank to build a dependable lower end for moderate performance engines. Torque these 3/8″ bolts to 38 ft. lbs. We also now offer an economical version of our I-Beam Rod. This rod is the same 4140 chromoly design but uses 5/16″ 8740  170,000 psi tensile strength rod bolts. This rod is only available for 5.394″ VW rod journals.  (Torque these 5/16″ bolts to 24-26 ft lbs.) All rods are sold in matched weighted sets of 4.

00-8340-0   I-Beam Rod, 5.394″, VW Journal 2.165″, 55mm (EMPI 3/8″ Rod Bolts)
00-8351-0   I-Beam Rod, 5.500″, Chevy Journal 2.000″, 51mm (EMPI 3/8″ Rod Bolts)
00-8355-0   ARP 8740 3/8″I-Beam Rod Bolts Only, Set of 8

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00-8340-0 I-Beam Rod, 5.394", VW Journal 2.165", 55mm (EMPI 3/8" Rod Bolts), 00-8351-0 I-Beam Rod, 5.500", Chevy Journal 2.000", 51mm (EMPI 3/8" Rod Bolts), 00-8355-0 ARP 8740 3/8"I-Beam Rod Bolts Only, Set of 8


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