VW Carburetor ReBuild Kit Universal WITH FLOATS 28/30/34 Pict-3 bug, bus, ghia

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Over 4,000 successful installations World Wide.

This kit has 11 more components that the EMPI 2500 kit, Walker or Royze. Including Floats, Springs and Fuel filter.

Brand new re-build kit designed for all Solex, Brosol, Bocar, EMPI and other 28 PICT To 34 PICT-3 Stock Carburetors. (does not service 34 pict 4)

Universal kit # 113 198 575 UR.


1. 4 top gaskets

2. 2 base gaskets

3. Both floats 28/30…… and 30/31 -34.

4. Both Volume Control Screws, for 28 / 30 & 34 pict 3 O’Ring and Spring (no 30/31).

5. Return spring.

6. Choke diaphragm

7. Accelerator pump diaphragm

8. Both Accelerator pump diaphragm springs

9. Needle & seat with 2 sealing rings / washers.

10. Sealing rings, O” rings, Float pin retainer, Choke clip, Cotter pin & Brass soft plug.

11. Inline Fuel Filter

You can see all the hardware included in this in the photos.

This is a new kit, made from quality materials, both U.S and imported.

Used by many repair shops, engine builders and VW enthusiasts all over the world.


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