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Designed with adjustable slip joints on header pipes, this inexpensive system fits all Type 1 & 2 models including late 40HP, 1300-1600cc… any upright model with fresh-air heaters. Includes hardware, gaskets and aluminum flex hose.

00-3300-0     Econo Exhaust System

EMPI Headers and Mufflers are coated with a layer of paint which acts as a rust inhibitor – and may burn off once they get hot. It is best to clean off the coating with a good solvent then paint the system with quality hi-temp paint. Systems are not warranted against rust. EMPI offers many Exhaust Systems pre-finished in a Ceramic Coating. Discoloration is not a manufacturing, chrome process or stainless steel issue. High exhaust temperatures exceed the capabilities of chrome plating to handle the heat without discoloration. Stainless Steel systems may also experience discoloration due to engine heat. EMPI does not warranty Exhaust Systems against discoloration or bluing.

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